About Medironic

healthdevMEDIRONIC is a high-tech enterprise specialized in medical products manufacturing. As a professional manufacturer of medical equipment, MEDIRONIC has always concerns on the health industry, adhering to achieve the leading innovative technology that that will improve and promote the human health.
MEDIRNOIC advocates green healthcare, always being committed to provide the best innovative solutions that focus on the health of physician and patient, protect the environment and you. The MEDIRONIC products throughout the continents of the world, having high reputation. Every step of MEDIRONIC expansion and growth have benefited from your support and care and we look forward to share with you our high-end innovative products for a better health care.


MEDIRONIC’s mission is to enhance patient and health care provider’s value by providing solutions that improve, prolong and save lives. All what MEDIRONIC does and represents is about improving human care, prolonging and saving lives. From the devices we produce that functions in a precise and adaptive way, to the systems that allow the capture and efficient exchange of information, MEDIRNOIC is at the forefront of science and technology, delivering clinical advances for improved health care.

Our Values

MEDIRONIC’S decentralized organization and decision processes give each manager and employee considerable scope in making decisions regarding his or her work. While this implies a large degree of freedom, it also places substantial demands on MEDIRONIC’s employees. The four MEDIRONIC’s Values function as support for decision-making and as general guidelines in the daily internal and external work.