Who we are

small-slider-07MEDIRONIC is a health care development company pioneering significant innovations and clinical solutions for better human care. The company develops sophisticated state of the art innovative equipment’s that has the highest quality standards with multiple international quality certificates.
Stretching the boundaries of science and technology, providing intelligent and resource-efficient solutions that offer confidence to both healthcare providers and patients, MEDIRONIC aims to improve, prolong and even save patient lives, making the future possible today.
MEDIRONIC is the world leader in innovative health care technology that has the highest quality standards with all the factories having a quality management system and third party inspection for the production lines and the final health care product.
MEDIRONIC develops its clinical solutions and information systems through close collaborative relationships with customer partners in research and advanced product development. Through these efforts MEDIRNOIC is addressing the needs of healthcare systems as well as patients by reducing hospitalization costs and providing less traumatic and more innovative treatment options.

Vision & Mission

Our Mission

MEDIRONIC’s mission is to enhance patient and health care provider’s value by providing solutions that improve, prolong and save lives. All what MEDIRONIC does and represents is about improving human care, prolonging and saving lives. From the devices we produce that functions in a precise and adaptive way, to the systems that allow the capture and efficient exchange of information, MEDIRNOIC is at the forefront of science and technology, delivering clinical advances for improved health care.

Our Vision

Innovation for better health care
MEDIRONIC’s vision is to pioneer cutting-edge health care and become the number one partner for the entire spectrum of the health care.

Our Values

MEDIRNOIC’S decentralized organization and decision processes give each manager and employee considerable scope in making decisions regarding his or her work. While this implies a large degree of freedom, it also places substantial demands on MEDIRONIC’s employees. The four MEDIRONIC’s Values function as support for decision-making and as general guidelines in the daily internal and external work.

skrollr-20MEDIRONIC is renowned for building truly collaborative and long-term relationships with our customers. We see and value our customers as much more than partners and these relationships have yielded the breakthroughs which have and are transforming treatment and practice. These relationships are very much part of how and why we are delivering solutions that redefine health care and shape the future of human care.

gallery-02-09Trust is something that is hard earned and yet so easily lost. Without responsibility there is no trust, and without trust we cannot build the long-term relationships that drive our collaborations and research. For MEDIRONIC demonstrating our commitment to the very highest level of service and customer care is about a shared responsibility and a trust we will deliver – to our partners and customers.

gallery-02-11The innovative spirit of MEDIRONIC is at the core of our research and development strategy and the way we do health care development, the way we work with our customers to forge the relationships that yield the paradigm shifts in health care.

servicesMEDIRONIC pioneering spirit has enabled the company to push the boundaries of what is possible. Making the most of our resources – whether time, money or simply human endeavor – is key to our competitiveness and the impact of our innovative advances in the health care sector.

careersWhether it’s the continual refinement of our solutions to benefit patients and providers, the service promise we make to all of our customers, or the collaborations and partnerships we build internally and externally, speed and flexibility of response have been integral to building the reputation for excellence that we have in the market place.

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