Establish R&D platform gathered by global
technology, talents, experience and quality management.
More than 15% (averagely) of the sales amount has been used to research and development per year, MEDIRONIC has become a R & D platform with international technology, talents, experience and quality management.

MEDIRONIC always adhere to customer demand-oriented product development and innovation idea, as international product quality as its standard goal, by the FDA, CE, ISO and CCC requirements as the yardstick, for the global customers offering high quality, high cost-effective products and services.
In the inheritance and the practice basis, MEDIRONIC set up with the international advanced integrated product development process as the leading research and development system, and carry out sustained process innovation and management optimization. Benefit from the system support and guarantee, MEDIRONIC shows a series of high quality products withstand market inspection, fully comply with high quality medical products, improves medical imaging clinical diagnosis accuracy.
MEDIRONIC established product identification and test center, extensively cooperate with international leading research institutions and instrument manufacturers. They are been through thousand process and ten thousand times test in order to provide our customers with a more safe, reliable and trust worthy products.
MEDIRONIC masters a number of domestic and foreign leading core technology. Since MEDIRONIC been found, Patents apply program rapidly growth year after year. MEDIRONIC focus on the development and construction of medical field, actively participates in the international standard conferences and activities, and has several senior engineers who are from RSNA of USA. MEDIRONIC will constantly contribute innovative technologies and solutions the health care development sector.