Medical equipment

Our powerful blend of versatile technology platforms, deep technical expertise and a highly specialized manufacturing process enables Medironic to deliver a distinct competitive advantage by offering custom formulations of its technologies for each of its partners
Medironic marketing philosophy is to manufacture products of International standard and attempt to offer them for the benefit of patients and doctors at prices that any other local manufacturer will find difficult to meet, without compromising on quality, to ensure market leadership.

Conventional radiology equipment

radioRadiology equipment provides the best practical way to diagnose, monitor treatment and detect progression or relapse of many important and common diseases in a minimally invasive and anatomically precise manner.
We offer scalable radiology equipment solutions for every step of diagnostic medical imaging


  • Portable and mobile x-ray units
  • Conventional x-rayHF x-ray
  • Mobile C-arm
  • Digital x-ray and mammography
  • MR system, CT-scan, ultrasound
  • Panoramic dental units
  • Film processor, viewer and digitizer

Operating theater

operatingMedironic manufactures a complete range of equipment for use in the Operating Theatre. Our world class range of OR equipment have been designed to meet the exacting requirements of all surgical procedures, from general surgery to orthopaedics and many specialist applications such as bariatric and neurosurgery.


  • Operating tables, operating lights,anesthesia work station , anesthesia surgery towers, surgical surgery units, surgical succion units, operating furniture, anesthesia cart, surgical instruments.

Intensive care /monitoring

intensiveIntensive Care is a dedicated unit for critically ill patients who require invasive life support,high levels of medical and nursing care and complex treatment. The intensive care unit provides a concentration of clinical expertise, technological and therapeutic resources which are coordinated to care for the critically ill patient.


  • Lung ventilator, Multiparametric monitors with central monitoring system, defibrillators , medication administration(ifusion and syringe pumps), IC beds , neonatal intensive care


We are offering the complete lab set-up serves for our clients. These turn-key solutions serves as continuous partnership with success and helps in the creation of world class lab. We can provide assistance to your dreams of setting a lab with all the solutions as per the requirements of clients.

Chemistry Analyzer
Hematology Analyzer
Electrolyte Analyzer
Blood Gas/Electrolyt…
Urine Analyzer
ESR Analyzer
Microplate Reader
Microplate Washer
Microplate Luminomet…
Autoclaves and sterilizers
Biosafety Cabinet
Laminar Flow Cabinet
Fume Hood
Microscopes, centrifuge, incubator, chamber, oven,shaker, water bath,balance,ultrasonic cleaner, refrigerator,furniture, laboratory’s complemantory


we aim to provide good value disposables that are made from strong, durable materials. These items are designed to maintain health and safety standards in a hospital environment by eliminating risks of cross contamination and the spread of potentially harmful microorganisms


ECG machines, Holter systems, Stress test system etc.


EEG, EMG/EP, Neural monitor,Transcranial doppler etc.


Maternal/Fetal Monitor
Fetal Doppler
Infant Incubator
Infant Radiant Warmer
Bilirubin Phototherapy
Infrared Mammary
Vascular Doppler


Dental units, dental laboratory


pneumology, ophtalmology, ENT

Medical Furniture

Hospital furniture along with modern medical equipments have important role to play in health care. They not only help surgeons to perform the critical surgery with utmost safety of patient, but also make patients feel comfortable during their stay in hospital or the surgery/post surgery as well.
Medironic brand hospital furniture are designed and produced keeping safety, multitude of applications and functions in mind. Elegant looks, innovative designs and utility are highlights of our healthcare furniture